5 easy steps to plan a trip to guatemala city

5 Easy Steps to Plan a Trip to Guatemala City

Have you been to the city of Guatemala in a planned way? if you are searching for a perfect trip, then here we are sharing some tips for your visit to the Central American state. Bordering Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador, this city has the particularity of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There is much to explore in this city with much less touristy than in neighbouring Mexico. However, the city has long suffered from civil wars!

Bring onto your tour for this upcoming vacation!


We have done searches and have found that the main airport of Guatemala is that of the capital called by the locals Guate. At this place, the planes of the main airlines land. If you are departing from Rome or Milan, you can opt for Iberia flights with a stopover in Madrid or United flights. this would be a better option instead make a stopover in Ny and requiring an Esta visa even for the stopover. Also, the United flights often have a 12-hour stopover in Newark on return. So, this could be used to visit the Mall near the airport. 


Visitors can step into this city from December to April. However, there are many microclimates it is necessary to dress in layers in every season. For people who don’t have any holiday problems, they must trip to Guatemala for Easter as the Guatemalan Easter celebration. This eve is considered the largest in the world, especially that of Antigua. 


You can take the help of a local guide as, in countries like these, it can represent the real added value to your trip to Guatemala. Also, you can spend the entire journey with Jaime meant for us a 360-degree immersion in this world that is completely different from ours. So, here you can know his stories, his testimonies, and his skills as a local expert. All these are allowed to avoid queues or delays that would have been unavoidable for our tour.


There are many places that go far beyond beautiful photography.


This site is navigating a river totally immersed in the forest. This site is something you will hardly forget. adore the calm emerald waters connecting the great lake to the sea will lead you to the town of Livingston or a small town at the mouth of the river.


Semuc Champey consists of a natural limestone bridge of 300 m. this site is one of the most famous places in Guatemala and under which the Cahabón river passes. You can find at the top of the bridge, a series of turquoise-stepped pools, where you can swim.


Tikal is another largest of the ancient Mayan cities that is part of a UNESCO World Heritage National Park. Visit this important archaeological site to organize a trip to Guatemala, for its historical importance, and for the natural park that surrounds it.


Lake Atitlan is the most beautiful lake in the world that occupies a huge caldera formed by an eruption 84,000 years ago. This lake seems that the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was inspired here by the Asteroid B-612 of “The Little Prince”.


There are many places for which you hear a lot of legends during a trip to Guatemala. However, the one related to Worry dolls is the best one to visit. From many native Guatemalan peoples, we have heard that these small dolls which come in all sizes, some really tiny one or two centimeters high offer a specific function. You can buy for every feeling for instance when you are worried, or doll for before going to sleep, you whisper your concern to the doll or doll to put it under the pillow. So, guys, these are some of the tips you can follow while touring the city!

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