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5 Best Places to Visit in San Juan

Searching for top places to visit in San Juan? Read this blog about the idyllic destination housing different mesmerizing spots to visit. To trip to San Juan, to have a hassle-free vacation enjoy with everyone!

List of 5 Best Places to Visit in San Juan

1. Fort San Cristóbal

This monument is the most famous one in San Juan. Being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fort awaits you all. This fort San is similar to El Morro Castle located in America. You can know here the deep learnings about the history and culture of the city. the fort has been worth scheduling which allures people across the country. Stroll the Fort San Cristóbal and watch out for many variations in Fort San Cristóbal. 

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2. El Morro Castlen

San Juan’s famous housing is the El Morro Castle. This castle attracts people to know the defenses in Old San Juan which was constructed under Spanish rule. You can spend time and money visiting this well-known tourist place. This site is also called the Castillo San Felipe del morro. So, guys don’t forget to miss this El Morro Castle.

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3. San Juan Cathedral

This San Juan cathedral is the most enchanting site in San Juan. Here, a lot of followers visit to get immense peace. San Juan church was built in 1521 for locals. Admire the architect of this famous San Juan destination. this site is located in the Old San Juan. So, people who need peace and relaxation can visit the San Juan church. This church features imposing structures like El Morro Castle. 

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4. The Mall of San Juan

San Juan houses the busiest destination that is the mall. This famous mall is the best area to stroll located close to San Juan International Airport. This mall has lots of shops, eateries, and adventure islands for kids. You can come here to spend some gala time in Malls. Also, enjoy the ride to the Mall of San Juan, with a stream of delectable food and drinks. The Versace, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and Salvatore Ferragamo can be found in this mall! 

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5. El Escambrón beach

San Juan is also well-known for El Escambrón which is a beach area. Hop into this beautiful spot is located nearby the Old San Juan and Condado. Enjoy a perfect destination during weekends with serene views.

San Juan offers various tourist places to visit, you can make a trip to this city.

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