Best Places To Visit in Ottawa

The city of Ottawa is an amazing city to tour if you are searching for some natural area to hop on. The city offers immense knowledge about its breath-taking Victorian architecture. The city is also the capital city of Ontario. You can visit this city which is famous for beautiful places making this city a widespread tourist destination.   You can find this city is located near the Ottawa River. This river used to be a predominant trade route for conveying various natural resources.

So, people, you can hop into this city with your loved ones!

List Of Best Places to Visit in Ottawa

1. Parliament Hill

Parliament hill is a political masterpiece having a grand building. At this hill, you can find Canada’s Government building which is among the top list of the best places to visit in Ottawa. This site was built between 1859 and 1927. Adore the features of this building that has three imposing edifices that are the Centre Block, East Block, and West Block. Enjoy your visit to this archaeological site to get some bird’s-eye views from this fabulous building.

2. Canadian War Museum

Canadian War Museum is among the famous places to visit in Ottawa. the site is situated just about a 5-minute walk away from downtown Ottawa. you can visit this site which is a historic museum. here, you can find residues and leftovers from Canada’s several heroic military happenings. Also, there is a home to huge collections of weapons & vehicles used in both World Wars I and II. You can visit this site to gain its various locations.

3. National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada is dating back to the 15th and 17th centuries. The gallery is all about the world’s largest Canadian collections from the 18th century. You can find this gallery has been awarded for its excellence. Come to this site which is a masterpiece exhibiting a gallery of the premium works of legendary artists. There are a lot of people who visit this site with booking in the city with their loved ones!

4. Notre Dame Basilica

Notre Dame Basilica is yet another site in the city which is the largest & oldest standing church in Ottawa. you can visit this magnificent religious place present with arches and terraced galleries. You can locate the museum which is decorated with stained-glass windows with Biblical inscriptions which were built in the 1840s. 

5. Canadian Museum of Nature

The Canadian Museum of Nature is another amazing museum to visit. This museum has various displays related to world-class displays galleries. The site is the best place to discover all of Canada’s nature at its best. You can visit this museum to adore various types of world-class galleries. Find out the dinosaur fossils, related gemstones, plenty of birds, and iconic Canadian mammals, minerals, and a great blue whale skeleton. 

6. Canada Aviation and Space Museum

If you love to learn aviation and craft then you can visit Canada’s aviation and space museum. this museum is all about the history families of more than 130 military and civilian aircraft. You can have a watch over various types of aircraft that have been displayed here. you can find this museum to be very interesting and the most appreciated and precious tourist place to visit in Ottawa Enjoy your days or weekends in Ottawa with your family or friends. You can have an amazing trip here.

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